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Training and Eating the Steve Reeves WayThe incomparable figure of Steve Reeves stands astride bodybuilding history, so much so that some are not even sure he was real. Rest assured, though, Steve Reeves and the magnificent physique he created—some would say the greatest ever in bodybuilding—was plenty real. While many others admire Reeves and the physique he created, the legacy of his type of physique has been obscured by the different direction modern bodybuilding has taken. This should no longer be the case. Although Reeves left a written legacy of his training and nutrition record, many bodybuilders—particularly natural bodybuilders—still don’t quite understand how to apply his principles of nutrition and working out to develop their own physiques.

The hottest back-building course in years! 


Get on board with the Vince Gironda ways to build your best back ever! 

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There’s great interest in the methods of legendary bodybuilding trainer Vince Gironda. And why not? Although his teaching was complicated at times, Vince was a practical man. What interested him most was building muscle and sculpting fabulous physiques.

So with that in mind we’ve constructed a practical course very much along those lines. This back-building course features many of the ideas and principles of Vince Gironda put into action. The workouts, though, are mostly new.

In this handy, power-packed book, you will find out:

--the best exercises to develop a sensational back (they’re not the ones you might think)

--applying “Vince Anatomy” for super shape and size

--using exercise form and technique for maximum gains

--workouts for continual progress

--the best ways to use intensity

--new applications of classic Vince techniques

This volume, written by an experienced natural bodybuilder and trainer who has spent years researching, using and experimenting with Vince’s methods, brings you insights with clear explanations and even new ways of applying these methods for fast, sensational gains.

This volume features over a dozen workouts, which bodybuilders of any level can tap into and use. There are clear explanations of the exercises, how to do them, but more importantly, why you should do them.

Natural bodybuilders especially will benefit from this book. If you have struggled with conventional training and have mediocre results, this back-building course may be just the thing you’re looking for to break through to greater gains.

Get on board with the Vince Gironda ways to build your best back ever!

   A treasure trove of Vince Gironda material. It's all here! Photos, stories--all the info you want on the legendary Iron Guru, Vince Gironda, who was the trainer to the stars--Hollywood and bodybuilding alike. Read about Vince's unique personality and training ideas which continue to influence bodybuilding to this day!

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We are pleased to announce the continuation of Muscle, Smoke & Mirrors with the release of Volume III, Book 1. As promised last year, Volume III of this very large book project will unfold in roughly four smaller books. Our first publication, “The Comebacks”, delves into an in depth analysis of the 1980 and 1981 Mr. Olympia contests. These two events marked the comebacks of both Arnold Schwarzenegger and Franco Columbu after five year layoffs that resulted in two of the most controversial Mr. Olympias ever contested.
We Proudly Present
Every once in a while something truly unique comes along, and that’s Steve Speyrer’s book,  “Classic Anatomy Bodybuilding.” Based on Steve’s wealth of training experience, gleaned from years of diligent trial-and-error training himself, as well as his vast experience successfully training his many eager students at his famous Classic Anatomy Gym, Steve has compiled this natural bodybuilding masterwork.
Steve offers many unique training plans and in-depth nutrition information that will help anybody improve their physique. It doesn’t matter if you’re a casual trainer who just wants to lose a few pounds and get in better shape, or a serious fitness buff who wants to take that further, if you’re an athlete training for another sport, or a bodybuilder with designs on a championship physique, Steve can take you there.

Vince Gironda—the name resounds throughout bodybuilding, still. This accomplished bodybuilder and master trainer left a wealth of ideas and methods on training and nutrition that still has relevance today. Though many of Vince’s concepts are known, they’re often not well understood.

That’s where this little book comes in. Originally written as two separate articles on Gironda’s training and nutrition, they’ve been combined due to readers’ requests. This modest volume of concentrated material gives a condensed introduction of Vince’s principles on training and nutrition for beginning bodybuilders, yet there are also surprising insights on Vince’s methods and ways to apply them even for advanced bodybuilders.

It's here, the Biography on Steve Reeves called
A Moment In Time The Steve Reeves Story
250 pages, over 300 photographs in color and packed with information. You don't want to miss this book it's everything you always wanted to know about Steve Reeves.

What Is The Magic of Symmetry?
In this landmark classic course, world renowned bodybuilder Steve Davis has set down the principles that will guide you to your best physique ever. Steve will show you step by step through detailed, precise instruction and informative, eye-catching photos how you can transform your ordinary body into a sensation, head-turning blend of muscle size, definition, and perfect proportion.

His muscles made him a legend in movies - from Hercules to Morgan the Pirate - Now you have the opportunity to learn how he built those muscles directly from STEVE REEVES himself! These are the exact exercises that Steve Reeves followed throughout his unparalleled bodybuilding career!

Building the Classic PhysiqueFor over 50 years the name of STEVE REEVES has been synonymous with incredible muscle mass, superb lines and unmatched shape, proportion and symmetry. Thousands of fans, just like you, have asked for his secrets on how to build such a fabulous body. Now, for the first time his entire career, STEVE REEVES has put pen to paper (along with amassing the greatest collection of awe-inspiring photographs) to create what many are saying will be the GREATEST NATURAL BODYBUILDING BOOK OF ALL TIME -

Achieving Total MuscularityReview by Greg Sushinsky

We’re very proud and excited to present a terrific book by one of the greatest classical bodybuilders of all time, Steve Davis. Achieving Total Muscularity is a complete volume that tells you in detail how to train for the unique brand of symmetry, proportion, aesthetics and definition that made Steve’s physique one of the sensations of the 1970s and after. The book contains a wealth of Steve’s hard earned knowledge, and while it was written with the information he gained from the 70s and the 80s, the book, just as Steve’s physique, was and is still ahead of its time.

Developing Prize Winning Abdominals

Premier Bodybuilding Proudly Announces
The Return of Classic Abs!

Many of you may remember the 1980s and 1990s classic booklet “Developing Prize Winning Abdominals” by Doug Brolus. This little booklet, which began modestly enough as a few pages and over the years was expanded and updated, soon became a classic best selling abdominal course. This was before abs became the in thing to have, the rage. Now you can find ab courses and infomercials just about everywhere, but this little booklet, some would say, led the way.

The Black PrinceAs always with memoir, it's a question of, is this person’s life worth writing about? In Robby’s case, the answer is, unequivocally, yes! His experiences are unique. No one else lived this story. I think this is precisely the right book Robby should have written. It’s as if he’s distilled every question that he’s been asked through the years, about his training, his life, and organized it perfectly in 200 pages. I learned a lot about the sport and all of the anecdotes, stories from his life are fascinating. The combination of teaching, tell-all and voice (his sense of determination and bravado are pitch-perfect: exactly right for the sport) make this a great read.

The Hard Gainer ReportTraining and nutritional information for the most neglected group of bodybuilders: drug-free hard gainers.
In this report, you’ll learn if you’re a hard gainer and why you’re a hard gainer if you are, and  why you are having trouble gaining muscle and strength.  Better than that, we’ll show you how you can begin to gain muscle and strength, and keep on gaining.  This report is for the natural (drug-free) hard gainer–especially. 

The Natural Bodybuilding Training ManualThis practical, concentrated manual written by a natural bodybuilder for natural bodybuilders, shows you why natural bodybuilders need to–even must–train with methods and techniques specifically tailored to drug-free trainers, in order to reach their bodybuilding goals.  The manual features both an introduction for beginners as well as information and an overview for intermediate and advanced trainers.

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