Ripped in 12 WeeksFormer 98 Pound Weakling Gets Totally Ripped and Shredded in Just 12 Weeks

I Went From Skinny, Scrawny, And Almost LOSING My Leg In A Freak Accident…

To Stepping On Stage At An All-Natural Bodybuilding Contest Just A Short Time Later.

You'll Learn The Same Workout And Nutrition Secrets I Used To Pack On Pounds Of Lean, Solid Muscle And Get Your Body Fat Levels Down To Single Digits…

All In Just 12 Short Weeks!

I'm Going to Show You           

  • THE most important rep range for building muscle.
  • The six most important factors for gaining lean mass
  • A proven mass builder program to use if you’re really skinny
  • A proven 12 week training program to skyrocket your muscle gains
  • How to eat for YOUR specific body type (the only way to lose fat)THE most important nutrients to eat if you want to gain muscle and shed fat
  • How you MUST do your aerobics so you don’t ruin muscle gains!

I soon realized why I weighed only 98 pounds!

I mean, everything I was doing when I went to the gym was DEAD WRONG and was actually KEEPING me from gaining muscle.

I was literally wasting hours of my time in the gym… using WRONG techniques that were stopping me from gaining muscle.

But now I was more determined than ever. I realized what I was reading could help me bounce back and increase my strength and muscularity as fast as possible!

I started using the information I had learned. And I was blown away with what happened.

In just 12 weeks, I packed on POUNDS of muscle mass, shed any body fat I had, and was now ripped, shredded, and in the best shape of my life!

I had done it… I had gone from 98-pounds soaking wet… to packing on pounds of muscle and competing in a bodybuilding show.

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Muscle BuilderRx

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