Brute Force Muscle & Power
Chuck Sipes, one of the legendary bodybuilders of the 1960s, featured a brand of dense muscle mass that was backed up by an enormous amount of strength. Long before the term “power bodybuilding” or “powerbuilding” was tossed around, Sipes was practicing this in a big way.
Sipes was known for not only his large, hard-packed muscle mass, but his prodigious strength on bodybuilding lifts such as the bench press, behind-the-neck press, and many other compound strength and muscle builders.
Sipes found this was his ticket to muscle gains and big titles in the bodybuilding world, and he shared his secrets with renowned muscle writer Dennis B. Weis. Yes, the Yukon Hercules got to know Chuck well, and Sipes generously shared his secrets of training and nutrition to help you power build your way to a Herculean physique.
This is the only authoritative and full package of Sipes’ methods, techniques, tips and secrets he used to build not only a world class physique, but world class power, too. Dennis B. Weis leaves no topic untouched with Sipes, as he goes in depth with Sipes for all the info and more that any bodybuilder could ask for.
Chuck Sipes shares his hard-earned secrets with the Yukon Hercules, and together they share this explosive collection of muscle building and strength building information that is like gold to any bodybuilder or strength athlete searching for more muscle & power.
Isn’t that just about everyone?

Get in on the secrets of Chuck Sipes, with this dynamic presentation from one of the strongest bodybuilders of all time.
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