2014 Mr. Olympia Preview

September 8, 2014

The 2014 Olympia will be a contest for the ages. Read who we think will come out on top!

Winning the prestigious title of Mr. Olympia is no easy feat. Hundreds of top professional bodybuilders have vied for Olympia success, but only 13 Mr. Olympias have been crowned since its inception 50 years ago. Despite those odds, the event inspires droves of elite iron warriors to step onto one of the biggest stages of their lives.
The 2014 Olympia—being held in Las Vegas for the 16th year in a row—will host plenty of top-tier talent combined with fresh faces that wish to break through to the coveted top six.

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Five Steps to a New Physique

How to Build Your Body Without Burning It Out

Endless extreme workouts which may compromise recovery have never been the best training approach for those who are, as well as being drug free - let’s face it, having the “chemical advantage” does confer greater recuperative abilities - not, sad to say, genetically destined for bodybuilding greatness. As a trainer who respects his clients’ unique abilities and limitations, I have found the act of balancing sufficiently intensive workloads without going overboard and either injuring a client or making it untenable for them to continue training is a finely hewn process, but one that is of the utmost importance. As much as I would love to say that the ultra-intense hardcore approach to bodybuilding combined with a “no limits” attitude and a long-held death wish is the best way forward, it is, once one has been in the personal training business for a while, apparent that such thinking is at best outdated, at worst precursory to dangerous training advice.

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David Robson With a Client

David Robson hard at work in his personal training studio with his client, Rocky, who, in off-season mode, is doggedly working to gain some much needed mass.

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About David Robson

With a 20-year involvement in the health, fitness and sporting fields, David has built a solid reputation as a personal trainer and mentor to other trainers. His knowledge, motivational skills and commitment to excellence have helped thousands of people achieve their best results.

As an athlete himself, David has experienced firsthand just how difficult it can be to reach the top in this arena. As a double-international athlete (in Tae Kwon Do and bodybuilding) he has trained in an elite fashion for much of his life. What he has learned along the way he now uses to help his clients achieve their goals, whatever they may be.

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A Tribute to Dan Lurie

Dan Lurie

Bodybuilding Legends Toast Dan Lurie, The Last Icon of the Sport's Founding Trinity
Dan Lurie left behind an accomplished legacy as a fitness promoter capable of legendary physical feats. Join bodybuilding stars past and present as they remember "Dan the Muscleman."
Like any billion-dollar global industry, bodybuilding would not have gotten where it is today without a solid foundation built by passionate, pioneering individuals. Dan Lurie was one of the sport's founding fathers, and his lofty dreams and peerless work ethic gave him a wide-ranging influence that his level of fame didn't always match. This man of strength and power, who in his prime pressed a 285-pound barbell with one hand at a body weight of 168 pounds, took his final breath on November 6, 2013.

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Are You Balanced?

Symmetry Enhancing Tips to Develop Your V-Taper 
David RobsonOne thing all bodybuilding enthusiasts will agree upon is the importance of outstanding symmetry to cap off an impressively muscular physique. To possess great symmetry means to demonstrate a desirable ratio of assembled body parts, each harmoniously flowing into a well-balanced whole to convey physical perfection. One undersized muscle group contrasting sharply with an otherwise muscle packed fame does not a symmetrical physique make. 
If you can, however, balance out all body parts to where no one grouping overshadows the other then, my friend, you have good muscle symmetry. Some of the greatest bodybuilding champs in all of the history of physical culture could even be justly described as not very “muscular”, unlike, that is, those muscle-bound, and less successful, behemoths to which they are routinely compared. 

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Book review: The Black Prince, My Life in Bodybuilding: Muscle VS Hustle

The Black PrinceAdopting an approach used by its subject to achieve his legendary muscle size and shape, bodybuilding champion Robby Robinson’s long-awaited autobiography The Black Prince, My Life in Bodybuilding: Muscle VS Hustle leaves nothing to chance in documenting the life of a truly extraordinary man with an amazing story to tell. Well written and with an absence of the incidental fluff that so often litters similar such works, this book, 200 pages of some of the most revelatory insights into the fascinating and oftentimes murky bodybuilding world ever put to paper, is quite simply among the best of its kind. Like the man himself, the book’s insights are presented in a classy manner, do not hold back, are engaging and forthright.

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Improve Your Digestion for Maximal Performance and Increased Muscle Size and Strength: Here’s How

The optimal digestion of proteins and carbohydrates is an often-underestimated factor concerning sports performance and the building and strengthening of muscle tissue. However, with science proving the importance of digestive enzymes on the uptake and assimilation of performance nutrients – proteins and carbohydrates primarily – athletes, including bodybuilders, are now supplementing with an array of products designed to improve the breakdown and absorption of key food groups. Being critical for the assimilation of nutrients, digestive enzymes - designed to govern various physiological and chemical processes through working on, and maximizing, specific nutrients - are produced in our bodies naturally, and - as the main way we can obtain them, or so it is often thought - found in the foods we eat. Why is it then that so many people experience various digestive difficulties, and cannot properly absorb their food despite their best efforts?

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