By Jon VanZile

Doug Brolus and Ed UrbanoFew teenagers end up becoming lifelong friends with their idols. Yet that’s exactly what happened to Doug Brolus when, as a 15-year-old looking to learn more about exercise, he reached out to Jack LaLanne.

By the time Brolus placed his call to LaLanne’s television studio, he had already developed the traits that would carry him into the rarefied air of celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jay Leno. He was persistent, friendly, charismatic, and most of all, open to learning everything he could about exercise and nutrition.

Brolus, now a buff 58-year-old, grew up in Michigan, far from Muscle Beach or the television studios and stages where the early bodybuilding movement of his youth was taking shape. Still, he was always interested in fitness.

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