by Greg Sushinsky
Bodybuilders  often search for a better approach to eating. Although many admire the physique of the legendary Steve Reeves, not nearly as many know about the nutrition which helped build that legendary physique. Too often, Reeves’ nutrition has been overlooked. 
This article examines Reeves’ nutrition and brings it to life, as it sheds light not only on what Reeves ate but more importantly how and why Reeves fashioned his approach to eating for health and bodybuilding success.
Natural bodybuilders will be especially interested in Reeves’ approach and will be surprised at what they can learn. In this information packed article, you’ll learn why Reeves chose the nutritional approach he did and the major impact this had on the development of his classic, one-of-a-kind physique. You’ll learn some of the foods Reeves’ favored, as well his reasons for doing so. His approach is clearly explained and easy to follow. Natural bodybuilders will learn how to eat for health as well as bodybuilding success with Steve Reeves’ classic nutrition.

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Greg Sushinsky is a natural bodybuilder who has trained for several years. He is a professional writer who has written extensively about bodybuilding, with numerous training articles appearing in Musclemag International, Ironman magazine, Reps! and others.Greg continues to train hard and enthusiastically.  He strives to maintain a lean, proportionate physique,  write and publish on bodybuilding, and continues to do and pursue many writing and publishing projects in his other areas of interest. He continues to advise and consult with bodybuilders, athletes and fitness people. Read Complete Bio.

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