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Tired of bench presses? Are you dissatisfied with your chest-building results? Try this unique chest exercise and it might not only give your pecs a boost, it might change your ideas about training.
    The Cable Flye Push Up
The exercise is the Cable Flye Push Up. To do it properly, you’ll need access to a cable weight station and, well, a floor--you have that, right? How do you perform these? It’s not so hard. Select a weight with some resistance, then lean over and place your hands on the floor in a pushup position, on your knuckles. You should feel tension from the cables and the weight, which you must resist to keep your hands in the push up position. With your hands in position on the floor as you hold the cable handles, you then do a set of push ups. Simple, no?
     Let’s Review:
    --Select a weight with some resistance, one that makes the push ups in good form challenging but not impossible to do
    --Place your hands with the cable handles on the floor
    --Do a set of several reps in good form
    What The Exercise Will Do:
Although these looks deceptively simple, the cable flye push up can be a very productive exercise. How so? It takes the simple bodyweight push up, which is a valuable exercise on its own, and injects more intensity into it by adding the cable weight. Also, with the muscular tension required to hold the cable handles in place while you do the push ups, this extends the difficulty and the productivity of the exercise. It forces your muscles to work harder than they  otherwise would. This will blast your pecs in ways these exercises done singly would not. It’s a great pec builder. You don’t always need the bench press to build a great chest.
    Why It Works
So you can see that the cable flye, one exercise, plus the push up, another exercise, can equal more than the sum of the parts, as done together, your pecs get no relief and have no choice but to respond with growth. Putting the muscle under strong tension while performing the exercise is a way of dramatically increasing its effectiveness. This is exercise synergy, or one plus one equaling three, or maybe four—or more times the effect of a single exercise.
     --If you have trouble performing the push ups, you may have chosen a cable weight too heavy. Back off, choose a lighter weight until you get the form down, each rep perfectly.
     --This is a surprisingly intense exercise, so you may have to ease up on some of your other chest work
    --You can and should experiment with different grip widths, hand positions and placements; these will affect the pecs differently and will help you target the areas you want to grow.
After you perform a set of killer cable flye push ups and see the growth they bring, you’ll have a new way of thinking about chest training.
 Good luck!

Greg Sushinsky is a natural bodybuilder who has trained for several years. He is a professional writer who has written extensively about bodybuilding, with numerous training articles appearing in Musclemag International, Ironman magazine, Reps! and others.Greg continues to train hard and enthusiastically.  He strives to maintain a lean, proportionate physique,  write and publish on bodybuilding, and continues to do and pursue many writing and publishing projects in his other areas of interest. He continues to advise and consult with bodybuilders, athletes and fitness people. Read Complete Bio.

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