It has been about 10 years since I first met Steve Speyrer in 2005. Our introduction came through one of our late pioneers of bodybuilding, Dan Lurie. Dan had spoken very highly of both Steve Speyrer and Greg Sushinsky who were assisting Dan in resurrecting his World Bodybuilding Guild (WBBG). It was with Greg in Cleveland, Ohio that I first connected with when he was working on an extensive newsletter for Dan. I was impressed with Greg’s background and decades of experience in editing and writing both inside and outside of the bodybuilding industry. Greg had competed as a natural bodybuilder and powerlifter in past years and was also an avid cyclist. I recall feeling how fortunate Dan was to have a man of this caliber, along with his very talented wife Marsha, working so diligently for the most part out of sheer love for what they were doing for Dan.

It was Greg who recommended that I interview Steve Speyrer for my “Muscle, Smoke & Mirrors” project. Steve was roughly 13 years Greg’s junior and living in Leonville, Louisiana.  Like Greg, Steve was a straight-up honest person. He was a former natural bodybuilding and powerlifting champion, contest promoter, personal trainer and gym owner since 1989. Compounding his broad experience was Steve’s extensive library that added to his in depth knowledge of bodybuilding.  I came to realize that Steve Speyrer was a natural character for my bodybuilding historical storyline. Steve drew upon that knowledge and library when assisting me through a difficult time and this gave me additional opportunity to learn more about this very gracious and generous man.  

Steve is a connoisseur of the game, and this is reflected in the label he assigned to his gym, training model, and recent book titled “Classic Anatomy Bodybuilding”. It was through Greg and Marsha Sushinsky that Steve was both encouraged and assisted in bringing his work to publication. The Sushinskys had published, in various formats, a synopsis of the works of Vince Gironda (“Training the Vince Gironda Way”) along with two books by champion bodybuilder Steve Davis (“The Magic of Symmetry” and “Achieving Total Muscularity”).

In “Classic Anatomy Bodybuilding”, Steve Speyrer has compacted years of experience and knowledge into a concise and erudite guide for both trainers and those with a basic foundational knowledge in resistance training terminology and exercise execution. He does not take the “my way or the highway” approach as he acknowledges and presents additional nutrition protocols that do not constitute his own diet. Steve delivers great easy-to-follow templates for bodybuilding and powerlifting ranging from beginner to advanced. After 45 years in the game, any book from which I can take away anything that makes me rethink training gets five stars in my mind. Additionally, I know for a fact that this book was put together by very good people.

Randy Roach,

Author of Muscle, Smoke & Mirrors

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