This is a quick update on the progress of Book 1 of Volume III of Muscle, Smoke & Mirrors.

As you may already know, this last volume will unfold in a series of related mini books roughly 80 pages in length. This first book titled, “The Comebacks” deals extensively with the return of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Franco Columbu to competitive bodybuilding and how this affected the sport at a crucial time of its emergence into our mainstream culture. I have been fortunate to interact with three of the top five finishers: Chris Dickerson, Frank Zane, and Boyer Coe along with a good number of individuals also pertinent to the story.

I am very pleased to have recently come to a working agreement with Tom Platz who was right in the thick of those two Mr. Olympia events in question. Tom is a very busy man still very active in the industry who is going to graciously share indepth information even though Tom himself is planning an extensive autobiography of his great career. He feels he can add significantly to the Muscle, Smoke & Mirrors project.  How can one not get excited when Tom Platz tells you, “Randy, I have much to relay to you, and I will give it my all as I did for my career in Bodybuilding!”

We are planning to have this first book out in early 2015. I am working on the last two chapters now and just waiting for some additional information and photos. We also still plan to send you that free chapter written by Wayne DeMilia. Again, it is just a matter of securing legal photographs for that piece.

So, I hope you can be patient for just a bit longer as this book will be well worth the wait.



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