Many natural bodybuilders—though perhaps not enough—know of Steve Speyrer, the longtime natural bodybuilder and trainer, owner of the world-renowned Classic Anatomy Gym and the author of the acclaimed natural bodybuilding book, Classic Anatomy Bodybuilding

Many bodybuilders have even had the privilege of training under his direction and inspiration at his unassuming yet landmark gym in Louisiana. Others know him personally or by reputation. Just about everyone respects Steve for his honesty, dedication and commitment to natural bodybuilding. 

Some ask if Steve is still training. The answer is a resounding yes! He never stopped. And Steve continues to train others as well, often helping other naturals to achieve their lifetime best condition by utilizing his unique training and nutritional methods.

Ever the pioneer, always the experimenter, the last few years particularly have found Steve continuing to research and try modified or even new approaches to training and nutrition for naturals. Steve, like all great experimenters, isn’t afraid to try something new or even fail, if it teaches him to go in another, more productive direction. Because of this, he keeps coming up with good, new things.

So although it was a surprise—but not a shock—when last November Steve shared photos of his bodybuilding condition with me (and the bodybuilding world), I have to say I was deeply impressed. Steve has always been defined and is an example of the classic style of physique, inspired by Steve Reeves, Vince Gironda, Frank Zane and Steve Davis, among others, but he outdid himself. (Don’t just take my word for it, though, see the photos:)

Steve Speyrer


Steve Speyrer

After an absence of twenty years, Steve Speyrer turned on the light of contest training and came away with two big triumphs: the Mr. Universe medium class win at the AAU Natural Mr. Universe contest, and a class win at the AAU North American Championships. 

This all came about because Steve, simply in the normal course of his training, achieved such a sensational condition that bodybuilders and promoters upon seeing this, urged him to compete. So Steve did, and the results speak loudly for Steve’s dedication, training and nutrition.

In December, Steve entered and won his class (Open, medium) in the AAU Natural Mr. Universe and took second overall. This is in the Open class, at age 52. His beyond ripped condition caused a stir at the show, as seasoned natural bodybuilders and the stunned audience marveled at his physique.

Just recently in April, Steve followed this up with a class win at the AAU North American Natural Championships, another impressive performance. Steve is, modest, even humble, and his own severest critic. He feels he wasn’t in quite the same condition as he was for the Universe. Steve won’t use the excuse though that he’d altered his diet before the show as an experiment and that he also got sick right before the competition. Yet he still competed and did his best. And dietary miscalculation and illness aside, Steve again showed a tremendously ripped classic natural physique.

Steve’s physique hasn’t only been noticed in the natural bodybuilding world. Some of the sport’s larger luminaries have taken note. Frank Zane featured Steve in his magazine, and Clarence Bass, the king of the ripped physique himself, also had high praise for Steve. Legendary photographer Wayne Gallasch called Steve, “the new Clarence Bass,” and Steve’s friend Boyer Coe, a notable champion, complimented Steve on his incredible contest condition.

Steve has been written about elsewhere and extensively details his journey to find himself as a bodybuilder. It took a lot of effort, soul-searching and change. Years ago when he started, Steve  originally tried to be big and ended up bulky, so slowly began the long realization and transformation to a sleeker, classic, artistic, defined physique. The results have certainly been dramatic and the work and change has been worth it. Steve became a champion and showed that he remains one. The journey, though, is never finished, as Steve keeps on training, learning, growing, and sharing with others.

But Steve isn’t just about bodybuilding. He’s a person of faith, a pastor, someone who eagerly helps others, and he’s got a great family, with wife Steph and their two children, daughter Lexi and son Noah. The whole family traveled together to Steve’s shows so that was an extra treat.

Natural bodybuilders want to know how Steve did it. And although it’s best to go to Steve and get trained personally by him at his gym, he intends to put together a course which will detail everything to do to reach your best condition. But Steve is also generous enough to share the heart of his program, both training and nutrition.

He calls his program “Trigger Training” because it triggers natural muscle growth. Here’s what Steve did to reach his all-time best condition:

He says, “I got in my best shape with my Trigger Training


  • One Exercise per Muscle Group.
  • One Set of Rep and 1/2’s to Positive Failure 
  • (Example: Do 8-12 1 & ½ reps for your one set)
  • Moderate Weight Resistance.
  • Different Exercise every workout.
  • Duration: 5 minute sessions.
  • Training everyday...using a three-way split.
  • Legs
  • Push/Abs
  • Pull


  •  Moderate Amounts of lean protein...eaten every waking hour.
  •  Egg Whites
  •  Boiled Turkey
  •  Fat Free Cheese
  •  Protein Shakes
  •  Fish
  •  Etc.
  •  And my All In One Formula Tablets


That’s it! Original, unique, even radical, but it works. It obviously worked for Steve Speyrer, and it can work for you.

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