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People ask me my opinion about doing aerobics. I tell them that I’ve tried training both ways, with aerobics and without.  And honestly, to tell you the truth, I’ve built more muscle with less body fat, when doing no aerobics at all!

 My body was able to retain more muscle while dieting away excess body fat through proper exercise and diet, more so than with extra exercise.  My current nutrition and exercise program keeps me in the peak of shape at all times, while improving. I did try the old bulk up and train down method and that proved a waste of time for me, as the extra weight that I gained during the process had to be removed when it was time to cut up. It’s far better to stay in shape, while making improvements. Besides, it’s better for your health and blood pressure to remain at a constant bodyweight than to fluctuate very often.

 People that I’ve successfully trained, even champion bodybuilders, never did aerobics. We relied on strict training and diet to do so. If someone wants to do aerobics and the purpose is to reduce excess body fat, I advise them to perform it first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach for a session lasting about 10-15 minutes at a moderate pace. This way your body is carbohydrate depleted and you will actually begin to burn stored body fat for fuel in the process.

 If you do aerobics after eating a carbohydrate meal, your body will burn the sugar from the carbohydrates, instead of stored body fat. Either way, your cardiovascular system will receive a workout, but your body fat will remain. If you’re going to do aerobics, why not kill two birds with one stone and do it first thing every morning?

 Everyone has 10-15 minutes a day to do their aerobics sessions, instead of 30-45 minute marathons. It’s better to do 10-15 minute sessions daily, instead of 30-45 minutes of aerobics, once in a while. Whatever you decide to do, make it a habit. Consistent diet and exercise is the key to fitness, for long term benefits!   

 --Steve Speyrer, Classic Anatomy Gym

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