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July 2023
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by Steve Speyrer
Every once in a while something truly unique comes along, and that’s Steve Speyrer’s book,  “Classic Anatomy Bodybuilding.” Based on Steve’s wealth of training experience, gleaned from years of diligent trial-and-error training himself, as well as his vast experience successfully training his many eager students at his famous Classic Anatomy Gym, Steve has compiled this natural bodybuilding masterwork.
Steve offers many unique training plans and in-depth nutrition information that will help anybody improve their physique. It doesn’t matter if you’re a casual trainer who just wants to lose a few pounds and get in better shape, or a serious fitness buff who wants to take that further, if you’re an athlete training for another sport, or a bodybuilder with designs on a championship physique, Steve can take you there.
He knows how it’s done, he’s done it, and more than that, he can teach you how to do it, then you can do it yourself. This isn’t just another bodybuilding book. It doesn’t promise you instant results or any of the other unrealistic things you’ve no doubt run across. What’s great about Steve’s work, both as a bodybuilder and as a bodybuilding teacher, is that it’s all honest and real. Steve took his genetically challenged ultra-skinny frame and built a natural physique that was in line with his build, with lean, aesthetic muscle and superb definition. How successful was this? Steve won several major drug-free titles. He also became a champion powerlifter, so the man knows something about developing strength, too. 

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This is the real bodybuilding. This is what true natural bodybuilding is and Steve has carefully written and shared his knowledge in this information-packed book. Some of his workouts and nutritional approaches accomplish in a couple of pages of concentrated information what other books would take chapters to achieve.
The book features a variety of workouts and techniques to choose from, as well as nutritional information and techniques that you can readily apply. Again, this is real, true natural stuff that works.
Steve has worked for decades at learning everything he can about what works and what doesn’t for natural bodybuilding, and has developed some truly unique workouts and diets to achieve what every natural bodybuilder wants: maximum, well-shaped muscle along with superb proportions and eye-catching definition. Steve works as a master artist, a “body sculptor,” he calls what he does, and he is a master teacher at his craft. The result of his work can be a great physique for you.
Some would call this information “secrets,” yet that’s such an overused term we should hesitate to describe the book this way. Yet much of his training and dietary information is different, and many bodybuilders—particularly natural bodybuilders—are unaware of these techniques. And they are the ones who need Steve’s information and instruction the most.
Steve’s book is 92 pages packed with information, insight, instruction, and even inspiration. He also writes of his personal journey through bodybuilding, which will be of interest to readers, again, especially natural bodybuilders who have had to navigate the perilous world of bodybuilding.
Steve is one of the best people in bodybuilding, period. He is encouraging as well as generous with his time and knowledge. He is also one of the finest teachers of bodybuilding—someone natural bodybuilders would be willing to pay thousands of dollars to and travel from around the world to his legendary Classic Anatomy Gym to benefit from his wise instruction. 
With this book, Steve comes to you personally to instruct and assist you. Enjoy and reap the benefits.

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