Premier Bodybuilding Proudly Announces
The Return of Classic Abs!

by Doug Brolus

Many of you may remember the 1980s and 1990s classic booklet “Developing Prize Winning Abdominals” by Doug Brolus. This little booklet, which began modestly enough as a few pages and over the years was expanded and updated, soon became a classic best selling abdominal course. This was before abs became the in thing to have, the rage. Now you can find ab courses and infomercials just about everywhere, but this little booklet, some would say, led the way.

Now it’s back. We’re proud to announce that in conjunction with Doug Brolus, the author of the “Prize Winning Abs” booklet, we at Premier Bodybuilding & Fitness will be making copies available to our readers and visitors. We’ll have more information to you in the near future on this, but again, we are proud to offer this classic course for sale and our thanks goes out to Doug Brolus for allowing us to work with him.

“Developing Prize Winning Abdominals” is just the kind of unique product we like to offer here at Premier Bodybuilding for our readers and visitors. We feature many difficult to find, high quality bodybuilding and fitness books and courses which we know you appreciate. 

Developing Prize Winning Abdominals

This classic abdominal course is back! The man who many feel began the abs craze, Doug Brolus, who authored the booklet, holds nothing back. Doug has been a lifelong natural bodybuilder who has trained diligently and has developed a world class set of abs that would make any bodybuilder, fitness enthusiast, or athlete, proud, and once again he shares his methods with you. These are honest, true-to-life methods that Doug has used and you can, too. It’s all there, diet, exercises, workout routines, tips, and of course the mind-blowing photos of the bodybuilder some would say has the best abdominals in the history of natural bodybuilding. Doug may not have invented the six pack, but he certainly perfected it.

This book is for anyone! Natural bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts—men, women, teens—anyone who wants to improve their abs. Forget the fad diets, the crazy workouts, the silly exercises or the apparatus and machines that are so complicated you can’t even tell what they do. Try Doug’s approach that got him his world-class, prize winning abdominal development, and you just may get yours, too.

Book Details:
Title: Developing Prize Winning Abdominals
Author: Doug Brolus
Paperback, 45 pages
6 inches X 9 inches
22.8 cm X 15.3 cm

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