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Building the Classic PhysiqueFor over 50 years the name of STEVE REEVES has been synonymous with incredible muscle mass, superb lines and unmatched shape, proportion and symmetry. Thousands of fans, just like you, have asked for his secrets on how to build such a fabulous body. Now, for the first time his entire career, STEVE REEVES has put pen to paper (along with amassing the greatest collection of awe-inspiring photographs) to create what many are saying will be the GREATEST NATURAL BODYBUILDING BOOK OF ALL TIME -
Reeves built his superb physique in a day when drugs were unheard of. As a result, he developed a keen insight into the TRUE requirements of advanced levels of muscle growth, nutrition, definition, fat loss, and shape building for the natural bodybuilder. This book is his legacy. Within its pages lie the knowledge acquired from a lifetime of REAL BODYBUILDING. 
Here is just a sample of what's in store for you within the pages of this limited edition classic book:
. Building the Classic Physique - First Principles
. Maximum Muscle Development
. Getting Smart About Nutrition
. How to Develop Perfect Symmetry
. Losing Bodyfat
. Little Black Book of Bodybuilding Exercises
. A Seminar With Steve Reeves
. Steve Reeves' Championship Training Routines
. Super High-Intensity Training
. Muscle Control- And The Art of Posing
. Steve Reeves Bodybuilding Principles
. The Power of Walking
. And much, much more!

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