It's here, the Biography on Steve Reeves called
A Moment In Time The Steve Reeves Story
250 pages, over 300 photographs in color and packed with information. You don't want to miss this book it's everything you always wanted to know about Steve Reeves.
This is an excellent biography on Steve Reeves and the one book you must have in your collection. Steve allowed George Helmer to do audio interviews him over many years. In those years George accumulated more that 60 hours of detailed accounts of  Steve's life.
George masterly tells the stories in this 250 page book coupled with over 300 photos 81 pages of them in color to support the story. It's complete from Steve's family history, birth until his death and everything in between. It has information never before told about him and why he became the man he was.
Information obtained from audio interviews, George's personal experiences being his close friend and business partner, Steve's personal documents, and much more. Steve trusted George as to make him his Executor of his estate. George spent years researching and collecting data for the book to bring you the best possible book!

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