Table of Contents
Training and Philosophy: Quality and Intensity 
Muscularity Training Program: An Outline 
Basic Nutritional Guidelines 
Biological Function/Importance of Vitamins and Minerals 
The Master Diet/The Optimal Zone 
Your Daily Menu 
The Second Step…The Magic of Symmetry 
The Symmetrical Ideal 
Achieving the Symmetrical Ideal 
Anatomical Self Analysis 
Summary Chart: Anatomical Self Analysis 
Restructured Training 
Correction of Weak Body Parts 
Body Parts and Corrective Exercises 
Gaining Weight Proportionately 
Steroids – How important are they? 
Application of Master Step Training 
Training for Detail 
Balancing the Entire Physique 
A Superior Attitude

Steve DavisSteve Davis - IFBB Mr. World 1977 - competed at the highest level during the Golden Era of bodybuilding. Steve appeared on the cover of 7 bodybuilding magazines. He trained closely with Vince Gironda for 3 decades. More bio

Raw Muscularity, by Steve Davis

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